The GALA Board of Directors held a special meeting on Tuesday night, to discuss concerns about the safety of moving forward with the much-anticipated lama event of the year.  In light of the current surge of Covid-19 cases taking place in our country at this time, and after a prolonged discussion about possible safety measures we could put in place, it was eventually decided that we simply could not guarantee the welfare of all participants.

So, for the safety of everyone, the board decided it would be best for all to postpone the conference until next fall, and we are already working with the Double Tree to secure those dates.

Now, this part is VERY IMPORTANT!! If you have already made a room reservation at the hotel, I need each of you to call the Double Tree Hotel yourself to cancel.  There are always a few people that reserve outside the block (, Expedia, etc.). If we ask the hotel to cancel your room for the conference, we have no way of knowing that every room was canceled. When you call, the agent will give you a cancellation number to confirm the room was released and your credit card will not be charged. 804-379-3800.

For those of you that have already registered for the conference, you will be contacted shortly about a full refund of that money.

We are currently having discussions about hosting a series of webinars or other educational opportunities throughout the year, so you could still have a chance to talk with a great camelid vet, or a trainer, or to learn from one of our crafty fiber experts, even if only virtually.

At a time that I was planning to announce how excited I was about the upcoming event, it makes me sick to be writing you this message! I am so sorry we won’t be able to see each other, this year. And worse I am disappointed… I knew this was destined to be one of the best conferences ever! (I know 2022 will be huge).

Stay tuned… we will let you know what we come up with soon!


Steve Silverberg
GALA President

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Machu Picchu
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Debra Speyer, Westerham Llamas

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Barbara Baker
Anita Collins, St. Remy Farm
Carol Boerner, Schoolhouse Llamas
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Surprise! Thomas Jefferson may have been the first llama enthusiast in
the United States.

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Carol Millard, Misty Meadows
Andrea Parent-Tibbets, Clover Brooke Farm
Cynthia Barkman, Pine Woods Farm
Dan and Dale Goodyear, Berry Acres Llamas
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Chuck & Sonya Leach, Leisure Acres Llamas


The Appalachians have been home to llamas for some time. In addition
to the establishment of GALA, the Catskill Game Farm in New York had
been home to an active breeding program for most of the 20th century.

$100 Level

Bob & Carol Wolfe, Spruce Lane Llamas
Charlotte Sankey, Fieldstone Farm, Contoocook, NH

Instrumental to the development of the modern llama community, the
Pattersons settled in Sisters with their llama herd making Central
Oregon the long time ‘capital’ of North American llamas.

Hearst Castle
$50 Level

Meghan Cormier

The newspaper magnate, William Randolf Hearst, was one of the
first owners of llamas in the U.S. Hearst Castle in San Simeon,
California was home to an small breeding herd in the early 20th

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Tomorrowland reflects the staying power of llamas and alpacas and
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