How to Borrow

Any current member of GALA may borrow materials from the GALA Library. To make a request, please contact the librarian. All requests must include the borrower’s name, full address and phone number. Please include e-mail, if available.

To borrow or donate Library materials please contact:

caradv at, 724-223-0223
Tara Hill Farm, 99 Zediker Station Road, Washington, PA 15301-3186

To borrow or donate Archived materials please contact:

frozenbeedoc at, 610-944-1643
PO Box, 806, Kutztown, PA 19530

A Brief History

The GALA Lending Library was founded in 1988 to help members of the Greater Appalachian Llama & Alpaca Association to enhance their knowledge of lama health, welfare, use and enjoyment. The library offers free loans of printed materials and video tapes to current members of the organization. A list of library contents is published annually in the GALA Directory and updated periodically in the Newsletter and on the GALA web site. The library collection has been developed through the generosity of lama owners.

To Donate

Donations of materials or monetary donations to purchase materials are welcome. A memorial program is designed to honor individuals and animals. Those wishing to donate should contact the librarian for additional information. Donors will be acknowledged in the GALA Newsletter, in the GALA Directory, and through a bookplate affixed to the donated material.

Processing Time For Requests

All requested materials will be shipped promptly by United States Postal Media Mail, providing those materials are in the Collection at the time. Borrowers will be notified of any delay in shipment due to materials being unavailable and will have the option of placing a reserve on outstanding materials.


The GALA Library ships materials to borrowers postage pre-paid in protective packaging to prevent shipping damage. A return label is enclosed with each loan for the convenience of the borrower. Borrowers are responsible for ensuring the safe return of borrowed materials and for return postage via United States Postal Service Priority Mail or Media Mail. Materials should be insured for their return and shipped with protective packaging.

Loan Periods

Loan periods are for two weeks plus one week of round-trip transportation.


Borrowers may request by phone or e-mail a one week extension for any borrowed material. This extension will be automatically granted provided no other member has requested that material. Requests for renewals must be received one week before the due date.


Printed Materials: 25 cents per day
DVDs, CDs, and Videos: $1.00 per day
The borrower will be invoiced for the replacement cost of any materials overdue by two weeks or more. All materials must be returned in the condition in which they were received. Borrowers are responsible for damages to borrowed materials. Borrowers must promptly notify the librarian and their post office of any materials that are received in damaged condition.

Library Returns Policy

In addition to the daily overdue fines listed above, the following procedure will apply if material borrowed from the GALA Library is not returned in good condition by the due date indicated on each item:

  1. Librarian contacts delinquent borrower regarding unreturned materials. If materials are not returned promptly, librarian contacts a GALA Board member who then contacts borrower.
  2. If materials then become 30 days overdue, a certified letter, signed by the GALA president, will be sent to the borrower. The letter will provide the borrower 7 days from the day of receipt for the materials to be returned or the replacement cost to be received at the library.
  3. The name of the delinquent borrower and the material missing will be listed in the GALA newsletter.
  4. GALA membership will not be renewed until materials are returned or replacement costs are received.

Suggestions For New Materials

Members may suggest materials to be added to the Library Collection. Requests should be made to the librarian and will be forwarded to the Board Liaison.

The Librarian

The GALA Library is operated by a member volunteer who serves at the direction of the GALA Board of Directors. The Librarian welcomes ideas for providing highest quality services to members and for improving the library collection. Because the Librarian also maintains a farm and a business, members are encouraged to place requests for materials by e-mail, phone or general mail.

The Archivist

All GALA conference notebooks, magazines, and items of historical perspective are now under the care of the GALA Archivist, Anita Collins. To borrow or donate magazines or other items that would be utilized for research or historical information please contact the GALA Archivist, Anita Collins by phone (610-944-1643) or e-mail.

Free Packet of Llama Care Information

Available to any GALA member who is willing to share the material with humane societies, humane agents, livestock auctions, new owners, owners who don’t know how to care for their llamas, etc.