Use of Guard Llamas in an Integrated Predator Control System | OSU Sheep Team.

Litigation over llamas in the Arctic  click to see article on
Masters of all they survey: These working llamas escort visitors on hikes in Alaska. Photo by Linda Neuchterlein of Alaska Llamas and Outdoors.

Wild Sheep Foundation promotes the banning of pack llamas on your public lands with false science.

The Llama Defense Fund focuses on co-operating with regulatory federal and state agencies, advocacy training, providing input on policy and legislation, and provides opportunities and resources to law students and professionals to protect the rights of llamas and their owners. Visit the Go Fund Me Site to make a donation.

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Infrared Drones, Search Parties and a Lasso: Chasing a Runaway Llama.
In a season of uncommon grief and worry, people far beyond the Westchester County estate from which Gizmo escaped were all too happy to fret about something else, for a change. NY Times Article.

Llamas Were Medical Rock Stars in 2020, But They Were Important to Us Long Before Now.

Caesar the ‘no drama’ therapy llama has been keeping protesters and police calm in Portland.

See the BOD meeting minutes.

Hoping Llamas Will Become Coronavirus Heroes.

Good news. New legislation has been passed making animal cruelty a federal crime. In case you were unaware, I thought it important to share this with all of you. Below is a link to read the legislation which Became Public Law on 11/25/2019 No: 116-72. Reported by Jane HM.

See the “Getting To Know Llama Fiber” video that was shown at the 2019 GALA conference.

Temple Grandin’s slide presentation from the 2019 Conference. See it here.

See Mike Sheridan’s video from the 2019 Peru trip here.

See photos from the GALA members Trip to Peru  last spring 2019. If anyone else, from the trip, has pictures that you would like posted with the others please feel free to send them to me. ronjcaruso at